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Artificial Intelligence Solution

Health Signature brings optimized and redesigned solution for hospital to build a new clinical processes management system and infrastructure with Artificial intelligence.

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AI Medical Diagnosis

The deep learning AI model provides fast and powerful analysis assistance to doctors and pathologists in their diagnostic tasks.

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Electronic Health Records (EHR)

Our EHR solution provides a comprehensive view into patient's medical record and and simplify your treatment plans that monitors relevant quality measures on an ongoing basis

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AI-Powered EHR Platform

Our EHR is clinically integrated with AI system that delivers healthcare services key metrics for overall healthcare IT operations to drive valuable insights on patient’s health records.

Predictive analytics

AI-driven predictive tool can catch and treat a disease before it becomes life-threatening. In essence, chronic diseases can be predicted and their progression rate

Eliminate Any Wrong Procedures

Our powerful AI eliminate any wrong procedures and wrong-patient errors which can result in severe harm by instantly recognizing the patient and their health status history.

Supervised Treatment Methods with AI

Our Artificial Intelligence creates a treatment plan for each patient that sends medicines and operations reminders and alert to ensure everything goes smoothly as planned.


Artificial Intelligence Solutions for Healthcare

Health Signature brings optimized and redesigned solution for hospital to build a new clinical processes management system and infrastructure with Artificial intelligence. This transformation is fueled by the cutting-edge healthcare AI software solutions built by top-notch healthcare AI companies. We are simplifying healthcare for stakeholders by employing the power of emerging technologies like AI to solve today’s healthcare challenges.

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Now this is better healthcare

Health Signature++ provides clinicians and caregivers a complete suite of tools and apps to make informed decisions at the point of care, manage regulatory compliance, and quickly identify process inefficiencies.

Intelligent Decision Support

Integrated Health intelligence that offer insights which boost decision support to improve quality of care, increase patient satisfaction, and operate more efficiently

Adaptable Technology

With a flexible system, clients have the choice of cloud or on-premise server application for both Mac and PC platforms. Enjoy easy access to comprehensive information from anywhere and anytime.

Patient Charting

Keep a comprehensive record of your patients' data and medical history using specialty-specific modules.

Easy to scale. Easier to manage.


Scale our clinical and electronic health records software solutions to support your organization, whether you are a solo practitioner or a large multispecialty group practice with complex billing needs.

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Streamlined workflow

With Health Signature you can reduce the administrative burden of documentation, and improve care management with easy-to-use charting capabilities.

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AI-Powered Workforce Management

Automate staff scheduling and gain insights about labor costs per shift. Keep staff up-to-date with timely communications regarding policies, schedule updates and more.

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A new wave of innovations


Drugs Management System

We understand the value of your information as well as the challenges you face managing it. The system is designed with many facilities along with the most comprehensive security programs of drug inventory control and integrity systems in the industry.

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Digital Health Pass

An advance technology empowered with the facial recognition system which can identify people without the removal of their face masks and implementing in quarantine control system to fight the pandemic and reducing the spread of infection rate.

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